Local Development Plan 2 Activity - Playing Outside Survey

Closed 31 Oct 2023

Opened 3 May 2023


We are preparing an Open Space Strategy for Midlothian and assessing the availability of play spaces for children and young people. An Open Space Strategy sets out how the Council says open spaces in an area should be developed, maintained and used.

This survey is for children and young people of all ages to find out what you think about the local places where you go to play and spend time with your friends. You can complete it yourself, or ask an adult to help you.   

Meaning of words and phrases we have used:

  • Play – what children and young people do in their own time, for their own reasons, free from the direction and control of adults.
  • Outdoor play – children and young people spending time outside, usually with friends, doing what they want to do, in their own time and for their own reasons. If adults are present they do not direct or organise the children.


  • All Areas


  • Local Residents
  • Local Businesses
  • House Builders


  • Local Development Plan