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Open activities

  • Midlothian School Session Dates Consultation

    We want to hear the views of staff, parents and parent councils on proposed school session dates for 2025/26 and 2026/27. The consultation is open from Monday 15 April. Please send comments about all or either of the two school session dates by Monday 22 April 2024. A report on the...

    Closes 22 April 2024

  • Mayfield Early Learning Centre (ELC) Consultation

    We want to hear your views on the proposal to close Mayfield Nursery School and re-designate it to Mayfield Early Learning Centre. The statutory consultation begins on Wednesday 06 March 2024 and ends on Friday 03 May 2024. The proposals are: Mayfield Nursery School will close...

    Closes 2 May 2024

  • Mayfield Additional Support Needs (ASN) Consultation

    We want to hear your views on the proposal to establish a new Additional Support Needs (ASN) stage at Mayfield Primary School on the new Mayfield Learning Community Campus and close the Speech and Language Communication provision within Mayfield Primary School. The statutory consultation...

    Closes 3 May 2024

  • Review of the Midlothian Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils

    On Tuesday 26 March 2024, Councillors approved a proposal to consult on an amended Midlothian Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils . This first stage will involve a public consultation on proposed changes to rules around how Community Councils are set up and operate in Midlothian....

    Closes 24 May 2024

  • Draft Development Plan Scheme 16

    This is the draft Development Plan Scheme Number 16 (DPS16) for Midlothian. The DPS sets out Midlothian Council’s programme for preparing the next Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP2). The DPS also includes a Participation Statement, which outlines future engagement on MLDP2. A link to...

    Closes 1 March 2025

  • Midlothian Employability Services - 2024

    The Scottish Government has given our Local Employability Partnership (LEP) funding to support people to get a job, or get a better job, and to support employers to give paid experiences to local people. We offer this support across Midlothian through the Council and our partners. If you have...

    Closes 31 March 2025

  • Self-Build Housing Register

    The Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 (Section 16E) requires planning authorities to prepare and maintain a list of people interested in acquiring land in the Authority’s area for self-build housing, and to publish that information. Self-build housing is...

    Closes 31 December 2026

Closed activities

  • Replacement Beeslack Consultation

    We want to hear your views on the proposal to relocate Beeslack Community High School and realign the associated primary catchment areas as well as the secondary catchment areas of Penicuik and Lasswade High Schools. The statutory consultation begins on Monday 19 February 2024 and ends on...

    Closed 16 April 2024

  • School Day Alignment Consultation

    We want to hear your views on plans to align the start/end time of the school day across all 6 Midlothian secondary schools. Under this proposal, Midlothian secondary schools would begin classes at 8.40am each day, Monday through Friday. In each secondary school classes...

    Closed 8 March 2024

  • Allocation Policy Review

    Letting our homes, tell us what you think Midlothian Council has 7393 homes for rent, and when one of these becomes available we use the allocation policy to determine who is in most need to make best use of the home. We are proposing to introduce a new allocation policy. ...

    Closed 31 January 2024

  • Community Council Training 2024

    Survey to ascertain potential activities for 2024 Midlothian Community Council Training Event

    Closed 28 January 2024

  • RSL Consultation

    The Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy is an important document for Midlothian. It will help Midlothian tackle the climate emergency and meet Net Zero targets. The Strategy and Delivery Plan will set out our approach to decarbonising heat in buildings and improving energy efficiency accross...

    Closed 27 November 2023