Local Development Plan 2 Activity - Organisations & Businesses Survey

Closed 31 Aug 2023

Opened 24 Mar 2023


We are reviewing the Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP). The first stage in this process is to gather information about the area for an Evidence Report.

To help us do this we are asking Midlothian's organisations and businesses to tell us about your needs and interests relating to Midlothian as a place. We also want to know what information you think we should be considering for the Evidence Report.

What is the Local Development Plan?

It sets out how our places will change in the future, including where development should and shouldn’t happen. It describes where new homes and workplaces will be built, how services and facilities will be provided, and identifies places that should be protected. Councils in Scotland are legally required to prepare them. 

Often for building work to take place, an application needs to be made to Midlothian Council. Decisions to grant or refuse these are made in accordance with the Local Development Plan, unless “material considerations” can justify a different decision.

The development plan for Midlothian is made up of:

  • The MLDP, which the Council produces; and
  • National Planning Framework 4, which the Scottish Government produces.

The current MLDP was adopted in 2017. We intend to replace it by 2026.

What is the Evidence Report?

The first stage in preparing the new MLDP is gathering information from local communities, organisations, businesses and other stakeholders about the area for an Evidence Report. 

This will set out what to plan for in the area, and provide a summary and analysis of what the evidence means for the plan, enabling a new draft MLDP to be written. The Evidence Report does not consider site-specific matters.


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