Local Development Plan 2 Activity - Propose Site for Development

Closes 1 Oct 2024

Opened 1 Jul 2024


When selecting sites for development, the Council will consider a range of factors and will use a variety of datasets to make recommendations to Elected Members (Councillors) on those for inclusion in the next Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP2).  The Council will use its Site Selection Methodology to assess the suitability of proposed sites. It is available further down this page, under "Related". The methodology has been published here to inform parties of the approach the Council will be taking to site assessment.

The Council will still assess submissions for sites in areas constrained by the issues identified in step 1 of the methodology, but promoters should be aware of the significance of these constraints.

This questionnaire focuses on the key information required to assess site suitability for development. Please provide as much detail as possible relating to the specific questions asked. It is not necessary to commission supporting professional evidence to promote sites at this stage.

If you would like to propose multiple sites for development, please complete separate copies of this questionnaire for each one.

Information will be collected in line with the MLDP2 Privacy Notice.

Midlothian Council’s Planning Service may use your provided contact details to seek further information from you about the site you are promoting.

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