Local Development Plan 2 Activity - Propose Ideas and Opportunities for MLDP2

Closes 1 Oct 2024

Opened 1 Jul 2024


The purpose of this questionnaire is to encourage anyone who has not already done so, to submit any idea which does not relate to a specific site for the next Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP2). It is open to anyone to propose ideas for any other aspect of the plan. A summary of the topics covered by the Local Development Plan is available here.

The Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) sets the overall policy on many of these topics. The role of MLDP2 is to supplement these policies within the specific local context of Midlothian.

If you have multiple ideas or opportunities for MLDP2, please complete separate copies of this questionnaire for each one.

Suggestions for protecting or allocating specific sites should be made in the two questionnaires we have for these topics. They can be found here. Look for questionnaires referring to "Local Development Plan 2 Activity".

Information will be collected in line with the MLDP2 Privacy Notice.

Midlothian Council’s Planning Service may use your provided contact details to seek further information from you on the idea or opportunity you are proposing.

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