The Visitor Levy for Midlothian: Business, Resident and Visitor Survey

Closes 28 Aug 2024

Opened 29 Apr 2024


Similar to many European cities, including Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and Berlin, Scotland is considering a Visitor Levy. 

We are seeking the opinion of businesses, residents, and visitors regarding Midlothian's opportunity to implement a Visitor Levy, also known as a tourist tax. 

A Visitor Levy is an additional charge on overnight accommodation. The charge type for Scotland will be a percentage of the accommodation booking minus any room add-ons (parking, entertainment, food, and drink, etc.). 

Why your views matter

The purpose of this survey is to gather insight from businesses, residents, and visitors to inform our decision-making process regarding the implementation of a Midlothian Visitor Levy. The revenue generated from a Visitor Levy will be invested in improving local facilities, destination development, marketing and promotions and broader visitor management activities. 

We invite your input on: 

1. What shape and size the Visitor Levy in Midlothian should take. 

2. To whom the levy should apply. 

3. How revenue generated by the levy should be invested in Midlothian.  

The results of this survey may influence the potential establishment of the Visitor Levy for Midlothian, which could be implemented pending legal authorisation and agreement on its suitability for the area. A comprehensive consultation on the Visitor Levy Scheme is scheduled for Summer 2024. 

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